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We are recruiting members of all classes!

maliceguild, Nov 22, 11 11:22 AM.
Our recruitment rules are as follows:

1. All applicants main playing time should be between the hours of 5pm - 11pm central time.

2. All applicants must be eighteen years or older.

3. All applicants will be required to have an alt, or work on one immediately.

Please post in the Malice membership section of our forums, or contact a Malice guild member in game to be considered for the Malice guild.
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Malice is an Order & Chaos guild on the Tear Coast server.  Although we are nice people in real life, our guild name explains our playing style. 

Malice: desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of hostile impules or out of deep-seated meanness

Are you tired of being in a guild where everyone plays at a differnt time?

Our core group of players are on from 6pm - 11pm (central time) nightly and most of the day on weekends.

Are you sick of a guild with a bunch of young players ninja looting dungeons?

We only recruit players that are 18 or older.  Childish nonsense (begging for help, begging for gold, or throwing a fit because you don't get what you want) will not be tolerated in the Malice guild.

Do you want to be a part of a PvP guild that fights as a group? 

We run organized PvP groups that fight together.  This allows us to win almost every PvP encounter.  If you don't believe me, challenge us to a group vs group battle!
Are you tired of seeing the chinese camp prince 24/7? 

Check out our photo gallery.  We own the chinese at the prince spawn.

Have you had enough of alliances and just want to kill everyone? 

We don't have alliances.  We kill everyone in PvP zones that is not flying the Malice guild tag.

Recruitment is open!  Join the darkside!
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